Why the Cane?

Cover image of Why the Cane? by Christopher Lockwood, Maine author.Why the Cane? is a true story of a man’s regaining a level of activity he thought would not be possible after a devastating injury. It chronicles his medical journey, the upheaval suffered by his family, and the counsel and support which shifted his focus and provided a framework to make thoughtful decisions for the long term.

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“Chris Lockwood has written a compelling and insightful account of his horrific accident and the inevitable physical and emotional ups and downs of a lengthy recovery. As a friend of Chris’s and Governor of Maine at the time, I recall many of the scenes he describes in his book, but only those who have endured rehabilitation from serious injuries or illnesses can identify with the mental toll such a recovery can have on both the patient and a spouse and family. All who are experiencing similar challenges will find hope and perspective in reading Why the Cane? as they follow Chris’s courageous journey to what he describes as regaining ‘a level of activity he thought would not be possible after a traumatic accident.’”

—The Honorable John R. “Jock” McKernan Jr.
Governor, State of Maine, 1987 – 1995

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10% of proceeds to The Dempsey Center

I am pleased to announce that 10% of the proceeds from Why the Cane? will be donated to the Dempsey Center. The Dempsey Center makes life better for people managing the impact of cancer by creating a haven of support for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. With locations in Lewiston and South Portland, Maine, the Dempsey Center provides services that ease the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment for individuals and families at every step of their cancer experience. The Dempsey Center provided incredible support to my family during and after my late wife’s battle with cancer.  I am grateful for their dedicated work and honored to be able to make a small contribution to support their on-going programs and services.